Top of Christine's travel bucket list ...

To follow the ‘call of the wild’ and do a safari in Kenya and visit the magnificent Victoria Falls

Christine Dilger

Director of Sales for Australia & New Zealand

Christine Dilger

Christine's story ...

If you’re in the tourism and hospitality industry in Australia and New Zealand, chances are you’ve heard of Christine. Her list of credentials and travel industry experience is lengthy and impressive.

In a nutshell, she began her career over 25 years ago as a retail consultant and travel centre manager, working for brands such as Traveland and Jetset. Before joining Red Elephant Reps her most recent position was business development manager for Australia and New Zealand for a destination management company specialising in Asia.

When not travelling ...

Outside of work, Christine is committed to her three children and at her happiest on the beach organising games and sport for them all.

Funniest travel memory ...

At a sales conference in Bangkok, a fleet of approximately 150 tuk-tuks was hired to take the group to the pier for a cruise. As if this wasn’t enough excitement, Christine and her colleague had an additional adventure when the tuk-tuk got separated from the others and got lost in the maize of Bangkok’s buzzing back streets!

Christine’s Travel Tip

One of my favourite experiences in Bali is cycling through the rice fields in Ubud, a great way to take in the scenery

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