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A Central Asian nation and former Soviet republic, landlocked Uzbekistan is the proud home to spellbinding architecture and ancient cities that have been overlooked for many years.

Its centuries-long history under Persian rule and as a key stop on the Silk Road left a rich cultural and architectural legacy, made all the more fascinating by the country’s time as an enclave of the Soviet Union.

Its capital, Tashkent, is a charming mish mash of austere Soviet-style buildings, 12th century mosques and classical Russian architecture. It has no shortage of things to discover and do, from museums and monuments to traditional teahouses and vibrant street art.

The 14th century Samarkand is home to The Registan, a great square flanked by three majestic madrassas covered in ornate mosaics in hues of vibrant emerald, azure, blue and gold.

Navigating the streets lined with ornate mosques, mausoleums and madrassas in the 6th century walled city of Khiva, an ancient Silk Road trading city, is like travelling back in time. The city of Bukhara, once the largest Islamic centre for the study of Sufism, is also worth a visit.

The innumerable cultural treasures in this fascinating country will take you on an amazing journey into the past.

Uzbekistan bazaar

Expert Tip

For a foodie experience Uzbek plov is a must try. The dish is served all over Central Asia and Eastern Europe but Uzbek people are recognised as the most skilled chefs when it comes to plov and know all the secret ingredients.

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Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Our Partner – Uzbek Travel

Uzbek Travel (operated by Shahina Biznes Travel LLC) is a licensed travel agency operating in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, specialising mainly in incoming tourism. 

The company can organise both group and individual tours. Each request is tailor made in line with customer preferences to reflect their expectations. All types of travel services are provided including tour packages, hotel reservations and transport services.

Tour packages include classical, adventure, religious/spiritual tours, off-the-beaten-track, ecological, crafts, cuisine and many others.

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