Top of Bettina's travel bucket list ...

“I dream of the tropical waters of Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago where I can spend idyllic days sailing and diving”

Bettina Gruenenberg

Managing Director Europe

Bettina Gruenenberg

Bettina's story ...

What feels like a lifetime ago (32 years to be precise), Bettina started her long career in the travel industry.

Bettina’s held prestigious positions with various companies including agencies, tour operators and even had a stint as a cruise director on a cruise ship sailing the Indian Ocean. She’s worked on and off with ICS Travel Group for many years in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and San Francisco. And in total has visited more than 40 countries.

These days Bettina’s roots are firmly in Germany from where she oversees our Europe sales operations.

When not travelling ...

When it comes to hobbies Bettina likes to do it all – hiking the Bavarian Alps, sailing, running, working out at the gym – all before the rest of us have woken up. After all that she still doesn’t stop – as she has a 12 year old son that keeps her super-busy the rest of the time!

Funniest travel memory ...

Many years ago Bettina escorted a tour group of 90 people to Hong Kong. While there, one of the older ladies had her handbag stolen containing her passport, money, plane ticket … and her dentures. The theft was reported to the police and a few days later the handbag was found. All the contents were there – except for the dentures, that no doubt were gracing the gums of an elderly Chinese person!

Bettina’s Travel Tip

“Take a break in Sardinia, Italy, onboard a yacht – there’s scalloped bays, sheer cliffs, granite islands and silky-smooth beaches just waiting to be discovered

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