Top of Gren's travel bucket list ...

“To travel to the moon! Failing that, I’d like to get as high as I possibly can on two feet and climb Mount Everest”


Director of Red Elephant Reps India

Gren Pacheco

Gren's story ...

Gren’s remarkable career (27 years so far!) highlights the fact that he’s one of the very few travel professionals in India to have worked in virtually all travel-related spheres. The impressive list includes the airline industry, cruise lines, hotels, tourism boards, car rentals, and both inbound and outbound travel companies. His specialties include sales and marketing, planning, training, forging strategic alliances, research analysis, and operation management. As a result he’s incredibly well known and respected throughout India and has built up a strong and far-reaching network.

All things ‘travel’ fascinate Gren, and he’s completed over 500 specialised travel professional courses over the last three decades.

When not travelling ...

Gren is a family man, loving nothing more than spending time with his two young sons, Ethan and Aiden. He often combines this with his other love – music – whether playing guitar or composing music.

Funniest travel memory ...

On a trip to China, Gren had a tough time explaining to a taxi driver that he wanted to go to the airport. As they couldn’t speak each other’s language, Gren cleverly (or so he thought) resorted to sign language – mimicking a flying plane. You can imagine his surprise when the taxi dropped him off at the zoo!

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