Top of Hisae's travel bucket list ...

“In Japan we call New Caledonia, the ‘island closest to heaven’. I would love to look out over the incredible views while dressed in a traditional mission robe”


Director of Sales for Japan

Hasae Yanai

Hisae's story ...

Hisae is here to spread the Red Elephant Reps word throughout Japan. With her extensive experience in tourism and hospitality and her deep passion for building relationships, we know she’ll go the extra mile to ensure our clients are aware of all our exquisite hotels and fascinating destinations.

Hisae has worked for H.I.S., one of the largest travel companies in Japan; and the B2B online distribution platform, Hotelbeds. She has also represented various independent hotels as well as leading hotel chains including Accor, Movenpick, Peninsula, and Louvre Group.

When not travelling ...

Don’t let Hisae’s calm demeanor and smile fool you! At the end of a working day, it’s heels off and gloves on for a fierce session of kick boxing. Along with martial arts, Hisae is also a master of Japanese Caligraphy and an avid painter.

Funniest travel memory ...

Caught in a powerful typhoon in the Philippines, Hisae was stranded in her car for quite some time. What could have been a stressful experience was made memorable by the locals dancing in the street and even helping to clean up her car after the storm subsided.

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