Top of Jah's travel bucket list ...

“To take the cable car up to Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. This exquisite statue symbolises the harmonious relationship between man and nature and took 12 years to complete. 

Jah Narongtrirat

Financial Controller

Wantanee Narongtrirat (Jah)

Jah's story ...

Jah is an explorer and food enthusiast who just happens to double as a financial controller.

After graduating from university, Bangkok-born Jah started work as an external auditor, a role that took her all over Thailand – and so began her love of travel.

Six years later she began working with a travel agency – opening up even more doors to exotic locations. Jah has to travel regularly to our destinations to monitor and offer her expert opinions. But even at the end of a hectic day, she still finds time to get out and explore these new locales, in particular trying out local specialties in restaurants and food markets.

When not travelling ...

As if being a financial whizz is not enough, in her spare time Jah broadens her mind, and her horizons, even more by watching travel documentaries. Well, that’s when she can drag herself away from sampling all of Thailand’s delicious streetfood!

Funniest travel memory ...

In Japan, seeing how mochi – the iconic Japanese rice cake – is made in the traditional way. Two chefs are required – one to knead the dough, while the other pounds it with a huge wooden mallet. It was fascinating to see how the making of something so small can be so dangerous!   

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