Top of Mai's travel bucket list ...

“I can’t wait to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong, it looks like such a happy place!

 Mai Jarungrueang

Accounts Executive

Kranmanee (Mai) Jarungrueang

Mai's story ...

Well versed in the art of accounting, Mai makes sure that every invoice, or other important document, is double checked, signed, sent and archived. In other words, she makes sure Red Elephant Reps keeps all its many ducks (should that be elephants?) in a row.

Mai was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and graduated from university there with a major in accounting. She worked for nine years with travel agencies before joining Red Elephant Reps as an accountant. She loves the new challenges it offers, as well as the chance to explore new places in the world.

When not travelling ...

As much as she loves travelling, home is always where the heart is, and Mai loves nothing more than spending time in her mum’s garden with all its beautiful, tropical plants. 

Funniest travel memory ...

Bangkok has two international airports – located at opposite ends of the city from each other. One time Mai went to the wrong airport, resulting in a crazy taxi drive across the city through the notorious traffic jams, to get to the correct airport in time.

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