Top of Marcus's travel bucket list ...

“There are still many places I want to travel to, but Svalbard in Norway is high on the list”

Marcus Leach

Senior Account Manager – UK & Ireland

Marcus Leach

Marcus's story ...

Marcus’s passion for travel was sparked by a six-month overland trip to India when in his early twenties. Coming from the UK he was blown away by the diversity of cultures, lifestyles and new experiences. The realisation that travel needed to be an integral part of his life drew him into the travel industry some 29 years ago. In the following years Marcus held many positions within British Airways and at Gatwick Airport, before moving into hotel representation almost ten years ago.

His desire to seek out unique perspectives of the world has led him to exploring more than 60 countries – each one stoking his inner adventurer even more.

When not travelling ...

An active sportsman, Marcus can be found kicking footballs around a muddy field, or conquering forgotten country paths on his bike or by foot – fueled by local libations in cosy country pubs.

Funniest travel memory ...

Missing a step in an Athens restaurant and managing to stumble, fall and land in the middle of a small table occupied by a couple having a romantic meal, much to the delight of his friends.

Marcus’s Travel Tip

Always put a piece of paper with your name and contact details inside your suitcase on top of your clothes, so if the baggage tag gets lost there is a way of identifying who the bag belongs to.

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