Top of Shiraz's travel bucket list ...

“To travel across the whole of Europe by train”


Director of Sales for India

Shiraz Mohammed

Shiraz's story ...

Shiraz has travelled the length and breadth of India – no mean feat in the seventh largest country in the world! Throughout his travels he has amassed a great deal of knowledge about India and how each market in the country is different and requires a unique approach.

During his 17 years in the travel industry, he has had the privilege of working with top industry brands such as Royal Caribbean Cruises and World Venture LLC. He has experience in operations, research, product development, and sales and business development. Revelling in challenges, Shiraz excels in successfully penetrating travel products into both new and existing markets.

When not travelling ...

A loyal friend and dedicated family man, Shiraz spends his free time with his friends and family – in particular his adorable four-year-old daughter.

Funniest travel memory ...

We told you Shiraz has an incredible knowledge about India. While on holiday in Agra exploring the Mughal history, he heard a guide talking incorrectly about Akbar’s Palace. Shiraz corrected the guide and before he knew it, a crowd had gathered to hear Shiraz explain the history – becoming an impromptu tour guide!

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