A different approach

Red Elephant Reps


A different approach to hotel representation and marketing in North America

Red Elephant Reps offers hotels a fresh and dynamic approach to representation and marketing in North America.

We represent a portfolio of carefully selected boutique hotels and provide each hotel with exclusive access to tour operators and travel agents in North America.

Our ‘hands-on’ approach to representation and marketing ensures each of our clients has a capable and knowledgeable partner to help them expand their North America presence.

Red Elephant Reps is a Representation and Marketing company for some of the most unique boutique hotels in Southeast Asia.

Working with some of the most sophisticated Boutique hotels in Asia, Red Elephant Reps will introduce you to:

• Unique Hideaways
• Authentic flavors of a destination
• Bespoke experiences in exotic locations
• City hotels with character
• Properties that have a story to tell…

With a long-established history of dealing with tour operators and travel agents in North America, we have the ability to add significant value to our clients’ North America business.

Red Elephant Reps has two aims

• To improve name recognition of its clients in the North America market.
• To increase their business from this market.

We have extensive tour operator and travel agent contacts which we use to expand our clients’ business. We also have access to a variety of travel marts in North America where we represent our clients.

Red Elephant Reps offers its clients significant advantages over hotels who attempt to market their services from Southeast Asia. Based in the US, we can move quickly in response to client requests. We also offer significant savings on travel costs.

Paul Tomasch

Founder of Red Elephant Reps, has been working in Asia since 1994 when he started Indochina Services, a Destination Management Company for Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Since 1997 he has been based in San Francisco and has been instrumental in “bringing the Indochina destinations to the US market”.

He is still based in the Bay Area but travels frequently to Southeast Asia. His wealth of knowledge of the Indochina region as well as Indonesia and India has earned him a lot of respect in powerful organizations like the United States Tour Operator Association, The Signature Travel Network and Virtuoso.

“My goal is to introduce sophisticated and independent properties, that I personally love, to the vast US and Canadian market. The in-depth knowledge of Southeast Asia that I have acquired over the past 20 years allows me to help travel professionals to choose the right property for the right clients”.

Paul Tomasch