Why should you hire Red Elephant Reps?


“Why should I hire Red Elephant Reps?” That’s the question you really want to ask. Right?


Let’s be honest…there are a lot of hotel representation companies out there. You probably get emails from them every day. And it must seem like they all promise the same things.

So, how are you supposed to know all the ways these companies are different from each other? And how do you know which company can actually give you the results you’re paying for?


Ultimately, these are the answers you really care about. What can Red Elephant Reps do that no one else can do? How can you know for sure you will get the results you pay for?


Here’s our answer…

Red Elephant Reps has two aims


• To improve name recognition of its clients in the North America market.
• To increase their business from this market.


We have extensive tour operator and travel agent contacts which we use to expand our clients’ business. We also have access to a variety of travel marts in North America where we represent our clients.


Red Elephant Reps offers its clients significant advantages over hotels who attempt to market their services from Southeast Asia. Based in the US, we can move quickly in response to client requests. We also offer significant savings on travel costs.


These special hotels can guarantee an amazing, relaxing vacation experience for whatever

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