Maya Ubud - Village Trekking

Experiences & Activities from Maya Resorts – Ubud & Sanur

Explore the surrounding area and get a taste of the culture and traditions of Bali through the experiences and activities offered by Maya Ubud Resort & Spa and Maya Sanur Resort & Spa…

Maya Ubud - River Pool Cafe

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Deep inside Bali’s cultural heart between the Petanu River and lush rice terraces, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa unfolds gently across 10-hectares of tropical landscape. 

Explore the rainforest and river valley with the following experiences & activities…

Rice Paddy Walk

Maya Ubud’s rice paddy walk is a magical way to explore the true Balinese way of life. A light stroll through the local village and rice paddy field is a wonderful way to find out more about the agriculture and culture of Bali.

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Cycling Tour

A qualified resort guide will lead you to explore the surrounding countryside of Ubud, passing villages snd rice fields. There are opportunities to visit a Balinese home compound, village temple and meet many Balinese artists along the way.

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Maya Ubud - village trekking

Village Trekking

Discover the nature, culture and tradition of Balinese people in nearby villages with the qualified resort guide. Visit the ancient temple of Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave, walk through a rice field and explore a village to see a Balinese traditional compound.

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Maya Sanur - aerial view

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

To experience Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is to savour a luxurious beachfront escape. Step from lush tropical gardens onto a white-sand beach and feel the gentle caress of the sea breeze as you tread the boardwalk of this former fishing village.

Explore with the following experiences & activities…

Bicycle Ride

Explore this former fishing village on an easy bike ride. Choose the main streets of Sanur for some smooth riding with coffee and gelato stopovers or follow the boardwalk along the beach for a glorious sunrise workout.

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Maya Sanur - cooking class

Cooking Class

Join the professional chefs in a fun-filled cooking class. Choose between the finest Indonesian recipes or an introduction to Japanese comfort cuisine. Complete your learning curve by learning how to make delectable Balinese desserts.

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Maya Sanur - yoga


Choose from a selection of yoga classes – spiral movements in the water at the water yoga class, breath syncronising movements at the Asthanga session, and early morning outdoor sun salutations at sunrise.

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