Top of Goong's travel bucket list ...

“To visit Phu Tub Berk, a mountain in Thailand  known for its hmong hilltribe population and magical misty mornings 

Goong Jaichaiyaphum

Graphic Designer

Ruttanakon Jaichaiyaphum

Goong's story ...

Goong is the creative force behind many of the Red Elephant Reps graphics and images. With his mighty (digital) brush and the power of colour, Goong paints the world a much more exciting place.

Born and brought up in Bangkok, he has an extensive background in design and a deep passion for music, painting, photography and art. His camera accompanies him on all his travels around Thailand and beyond. We know his expert eye will lead to wonderful and thoughtful designs.

When not travelling ...

With a love of the outdoors, Goong spends his spare time camping in the mountains, playing his guitar, and waking up early to see the beautiful sunrise.

Funniest travel memory ...

During one of their travels, Goong and his friends ended up in spooky hotel that definitely had a little extra spirit. Their night of strange noises and ghostly apparitions was a spine-tingling experience that none of them want to repeat. Needless to say – it was not a Red Elephant Reps hotel!

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