Top of Ian's travel bucket list ...

“To visit Japan: experience Tokyo and Kyoto, and travel by bullet train to see Mount Fuji “

Ian Paul Woods

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Paul woods

Ian's story ...

Ian’s lust for travel started with a school trip to France back in 1976. Fast forward to today and Ian is now helping hotels and destinations increase their business by opening doors into new and emerging markets.

We reckon his determination, resilience and innovative attitude comes from 20 years of wearing a multitude of hats working for one of the UK’s largest tour operators in many countries in Europe and Asia.

Then 15 years ago he brought his impressive collection of hats to Southeast Asia where he’s worked for major destination companies including ICS Travel Group. In 2019 he joined Red Elephant Reps, and since then the company has expanded from North America to worldwide!

When not travelling ...

You’ll find Ian taking care of his two dogs, Google and Bosco, and supporting Second Chance Dog Shelter where he adopted Bosco from. Google and Bosco often accompany him to the office – and it has been said they’re the real brains behind it all…

Funniest travel memory ...

Many moons ago, while working on a small Greek island where even TVs were few and far between, Ian got into conversation with a polite American man in a baseball cap and sunglasses who looked vaguely familiar … it was only later that he realised it was Tom Cruise!

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