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Joining hands with innovative Japanese travel subscription platform

Jun 21, 2022 | Press Release

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the innovative Japanese travel subscription platform, HafH (Home away from Home).

HafH is a travel subscription service operated by KabuK Style, a young, dynamic Japanese travel tech company with the aim to provide a new style of travel. Subscribers to HafH have access to accommodation companies (and in the near future, transportation too) all over the world which can be booked through the use of HafH Coins, the company’s own unique points system.

We are thrilled to be able to introduce hotels globally to the many benefits of working with HafH. These include no commission or hidden fees, access to a large number of growing Japanese subscribers, and excellent room night production opportunities due to a limited number of hotels per destination. Clients pay for the hotel rooms using HafH Coins; therefore room rates remain confidential,” says Ian Woods, CEO for Red Elephant Reps. “Through partnering with HafH, hotels have the potential to acquire additional rooms nights per month with no cost to themselves.”

HafH started operations in April 2019. Through partnerships with hotels to create fixed-price accommodation, HafH has rapidly developed into a service that makes travelling easier and more accessible. To date, HafH has over 35,000 subscribed members who have access to over 1,000 accommodation facilities (hotels, ryokans, guesthouses, etc.) in Japan and across the globe.

HafH has recognised that the demand for accommodation in the travel industry has expanded beyond standard leisure and business travel, with reasons for travel changing due to newly emerging lifestyles such as remote working, staycations, digital nomads or even just the desire for a change of pace or scenery. The company’s mission is to ‘create the infrastructure for a society that accepts diverse values as they are’.

The partnership with us has been born from HafH’s plan to expand globally. Our extensive contacts and partnerships in the hotel and travel industry worldwide will assist HafH to increase their portfolio of carefully chosen accommodation options and evolve into an even more convenient and accessible travel subscription service.

Ace Hotel Kyoto  Ace Hotel Kyoto ©Yoshihiro Makino for Ace Hotel
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