Top of Leo's travel bucket list ...

I would love to do a pilgrimage trip to visit the main Buddhist sites in India and Nepal

Leonardo Pugliese

Director of Sales Americas, based in Brazil

Leo Pugliese

Leo's story ...

Clients who work with Leo can’t help but be impressed by his language skills (he speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish) – and the fact that he goes the extra mile in looking after them.

He’s been in the travel industry since he was 18 – working for tour operators specialising in South American and Asian destinations; and was involved in initiating the work of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in South America. Through these positions Leo has become well respected by tour operators, travel agencies and the media for his expert knowledge of Thailand and the rest of Asia. 

When not travelling ...

Leo just wants to live in a world where books come bundled with delicious treats. Leo spends his free time reading, writing, whipping up culinary creations, and sampling street food stalls and celebrity restaurants. As a holder of a degree in culinary arts, he’s more than earned his right to indulge!

Funniest travel memory ...

What you can’t tell from Leo’s photo is that he’s really tall! During a trip to Thailand he took a local bus from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai and struggled to fold himself into the tiny bus seat. He spent six cramped hours, squeezed between a Thai monk and a sweet old lady. They couldn’t speak each other’s languages but still spent the entire journey laughing together.

Leo’s Travel Tip

“Bali is a perfect destination for families. Memorable experiences include riding a giant swing in the jungle, learning how to surf and crafting colourful kites in a local village”