Top of Martin's travel bucket list ...

“To wander the blue, winding streets in Chefchaouen, a small city in the Rif Mountains in Morocco

Martin Struschka

IT Strategies

Martin Struschka

Martin's story ...

Originally from Germany, Martin has been living in Asia for 28 years. He’s super passionate about travel and anything tech-related – database design, data analysis, connectivity, APIs, NodeJS, Python … the list is endless. He’s combined these two passions by offering IT strategies and technology solutions to the travel industry.

He’s also a co-owner and co-founder of ICS Travel Group – a leading destination management company in Asia; and co-founder of Travelkoin, that solves ubiquitous problems in travel tech.

Yet despite these highly impressive accolades, his feet are firmly on the ground and he lives by the motto: “Why invent an API when good old Excel does the trick.”

When not travelling ...

When not doing a ‘beautiful mind’ on his window, he’s down the gym lifting weights others would use a forklift truck for.

Funniest travel memory ...

In Uzbekistan, driving through the Ustyurt Plateau and the martian landscape of the dried Aral Sea, Martin and his travelling companions came across the eerie and surreal ‘cemetery of ships’ – where husks of rusting ships lie stranded in the sand of the dry sea bed.

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