Top of Meen's travel bucket list ...

To explore the attractions in and around Danang in Vietnam including the French village and spectacular ‘Hands of God’ bridge on Ba Na Hills”

Meen Panadis

Digital Marketing Executive

Meen Panadis

Meen's story ...

Sukothai – ancient city and first capital of Siam, home to crumbling ruins of exquisite temples, stupas and Buddha statues. Having been born and brought up in this incredible town in Thailand, surrounded by such splendid architecture and artistry, is it any wonder that Meen has creativity running through her veins?

Proficient in graphic design and digital marketing, Meen has an unbelievably sharp eye for clean pixels. She loves connecting to new people via social media and is amazed by the strength and potential of 140 characters.

When not travelling ...

Meen just can’t stay away from social media! Even in her spare time she’s writing reviews on Facebook about interesting destinations and places that she’s found on her travels.

Funniest travel memory ...

Meen took a hot air balloon flight over Chiang Mai in Thailand, a city that she had explored so many times from the ground. But to see it from above was strange – funny – and incredible!

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