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Sep 8, 2020 | MICE

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Turn your seminar into an unforgettable event in Morocco…


To make sure your seminar succeeds, commit to making it a memorable and powerful experience by utilising three key elements that we’ve identified as the three I’s of Impactful events :

  • Intimacy
  • Inspiration
  • Choice of venue

Our partner, Amazing Morocco, will provide you with new and exciting concepts, at the same time ensuring that we have the winning combination of the three key elements to suit the theme.

What kind of places can host your seminar…

Enjoy the present and create your future in the middle of the desert

MICE in the Morocco desert

Bring your team out into the great outdoors and work on setting inspiring goals that will pull all of you forward to a better future.
We have therefore moved the conference room to the desert in Marrakech!
Together as a team, brainstorm your future, identify the obstacles to get there, and create an action plan to overcome them.

Doing this in nature changes everything.

Let yourself be captivated by an unusual seaside seminar

MICE beach Morocco

Organise your seminar in a rich and exotic setting – on the Essaouira beach amid the mild climate, the unique beauty of the beach and with the sound of the waves.
We’ve adapted to the demansd of business tourism by offering state-of-the-art facilities and quality service right on the beach.

Want to know more about unique and inspiring venues in Morocco?

Contact Amazing Morocco


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