Top of Nic's travel bucket list ...

“A trip to Rwanda to see gorillas and chimps in the wild”

Nic Scaramuzzino

Director of Sales for France & Italy

Nic Scaramuzzino - Director of Sales France

Nic's story ...

Nic’s passion for embracing new challenges has led him on an exciting journey through various aspects of the hospitality industry — from guest entertainment and relations to hotel work, travel agency, event organisation and restaurant management.

Over the past 25 years, Nic has had the privilege of working in Indonesia and Thailand, gaining valuable tourism expertise and building a vast network of professionals, including hoteliers, travel agents, restaurateurs and the media.

Now based back in Europe, Nic focuses his attention on representation services. With his extensive experience in tourism and hospitality, keen eye for detail and deep passion for building relationships, we know Nic will go the extra mile to ensure our clients are aware of all our exquisite hotels and fascinating destinations.

When not travelling ...

Exploration and travel is such an integral part of Nic’s life that his spare time is spent researching fascinating places, hidden gems and unique experiences to create the perfect itinerary for upcoming journeys.

Funniest travel memory ...

During an unforgettable trip to Aceh, Nic accompanied an Italian TV crew to interview a former guerilla rebel who had spent three years living in the forest, only emerging to conduct raids and instill fear in the local population. To offer a glimpse into his rebellious life, he showed the TV crew the contents of his backpack. Among handcuffs, knives, a garrote cord and various survival tools, there was a Bluetooth speaker and a black eyeliner! Despite his dangerous lifestyle, this former insurgent had a penchant for makeup and enjoyed expressing himself through this unique form of self-care. This discovery served as a stark reminder that even in the most unlikely of situations, we can find traces of humanity and individuality.


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