Top of Paul's travel bucket list ...

“A week-long retreat in an ashram in India near Varanasi, to seek spiritual peace and learn more about the culture and religion of India”


VP Sales Americas

Paul Tomasch

Paul's story ...

The founder of Red Elephant Reps – a representation company for ‘hotels with a story to tell’ – Paul has a pretty fascinating story himself…

A bona-fide nomad, he was born in Slovakia, grew up in Germany and now calls the US home. Frequent trips when young cultivated his passion for travel which culminated with becoming one of the founders of ICS Travel Group, a leading destination management company in Asia and beyond. He’s incredibly well known and respected within the industry and is a member of exclusive travel networks such as Virtuoso and Signature.

Paul’s visited every country in Asia and a great deal of Europe in the last 25 years – speaking four languages helps him on his travels. Constantly on the move, you’re almost guaranteed to bump into him at the major trade fairs and conventions – however far-flung they may be.

When not travelling ...

Paul lives in San Francisco which means he gets to explore the incredible Californian coastline by foot and bike whenever he wants (jealous).

Funniest travel memory ...

In Luang Prabang airport Paul ‘accidentally’ left his wallet in his checked luggage. The laidback airport staff simply told him to walk over to the luggage cart to retrieve it – dodging landing and departing planes in the process.

Paul’s Travel Tip

“When in Tokyo, Japan, visit teamLab Borderless  where artworks move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other with no boundaries.


Represented by Paul in US & Canada

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