Top of Pete's travel bucket list ...

“Maldives – I would like to visit there before sea levels rise and these islands no longer exist on the world map

Pete Ruenpol

Business Development Manager

Pete Ruenpol

Pete's story ...

Bangkok-born Pete has been working in contracting and business development for over 10 years now. Before joining the team at Red Elephant Reps he worked for major companies in Thailand including Hotelbeds, Asia World Enterprise and ICS Travel Group.

Over the years he has become adept at negotiating contracts and nurturing strong relationships with hotels and suppliers. He is a well-known and extremely well-liked face in the tourism and hospitality circles.

When not travelling ...

Pete has a passion for photography, and can often be seen snapping shots of luxurious hotel interiors and luscious landscapes. When not looking through the viewfinder of his camera, he’s surfing the travel and hospitality channels on Netflix.

Funniest travel memory ...

Being given a foot massage upon arrival at a well known five-star resort in Siem Reap before doing any of the usual check-in proceedures!

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