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Pure Sicilian Love in Italy

Feb 22, 2021 | Italy, Tours & Cruises

“Visiting Italy without going to Sicily leaves no image in the spirit.  It is Sicily that is the key to everything! –

Goethe, German poet

Italy Charme, our agent in Italy, has created a new culinary and art programme: 14 days Pure Sicilian Love. Sicily is an extraordinary, complex and magical mix of different communities including Arab, Roman and Turkish. It is a unique destination with diverse culture and cuisine that has been influenced by these various communities. The tour visits local ‘slow food’ farmers; explores the challenging life of Sicilian fishermen; and gives a taste into the history of pistacchio and chocolate; and so much more.

Here are a few highlights:

Trapani Salt Road & Pecorino Cheese Workshop

There are roads in Sicily, such as the one which leads from Trapani to Marsala, that leave you stunned by the incredible array of colourful landscapes. Where the sea meets the land, you will find the “Via del Sale” (The Salt Road). Meet a local family of shepherds  and hear all about their hard but fascinating life. Learn how to make Sicilian Pecorino cheese  and enjoy a rustic Sicilian lunch with a local family.

Etna Train Wine Tour

Along with an expert guide, take a train ride to visit a vineyard and head up into the Etna mountain park and the Alcantara river park. Take in this unbelievable scenery while hearing all about the history and the interesting stories behind the places you pass through.
Salt Road Sicily Italy
Train ride Sicily Italy

Modica Chocolate Vibes

The chocolate in Modica is made using a very old recipe, originating from the Aztecs. If you are wondering what the Aztecs have to do with Sicily, think about the Spanish conquistadors in South America. These same people also dominated Sicily for a couple of centuries.

Catania Fish Market

Catania Fish Market is a market that has not changed for centuries. This lively, boisterous and colourful market is full of locals and the perfect place to breathe in a slice of the Sicilian lifestyle.

Sicily, Italy
Catania Fish Market, Sicily, Italy
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