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Exploring Bardia – Tigers in the Wild

Jan 14, 2021 | Nature & Wildlife, Nepal

Nothing will prepare you for the extraordinary thrill of seeing a tiger in the wild! Known for its vegetation and variety of mammals, reptiles and birds, Bardia is a beautiful, unspoiled and undisturbed national park in the Terai – and the perfect place to spot these elusive creatures.

About 70% of Bardia National Park is covered with grassland, savannah and riverine forest. The wide range of vegetation provides excellent habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including the endangered Royal Bengal tiger, Nepal’s famous one-horned rhinoceros, wild elephant, swamp deer, blackbuck, gharial crocodile and marsh-mugger crocodile. The exotic Gangetic dolphin is also sometimes seen in the River Karnali.

Here is our list of the best things to do in the park:

Jungle Walks 

Jungle walks are the most eco-friendly way of exploring the Park. They offer the opportunity to experience up-close the beauty of the area and its diverse wildlife, flora and fauna. Led by well-trained and experienced jungle guides, you will see the best of Bardia National Park in a safe way.

Jeep Safaris 

Jeep Safaris are one of the major highlights as they allow you to venture much deeper into the jungle. Covering more ground offers the chance to see more examples of flora and fauna, and is one the best ways to see tigers.   

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Boating & Rafting

The beautiful rivers of Karnali and Babai are ideal for boating and rafting trips, and are suitable for travellers of all ages. The Karnali and Babai rivers flow relatively slowly and calmly with few rapids so rafting trips are relaxed and tranquil. And who knows, you may even spot the rare Gangetic river dolphin as well as the beautiful birds and animals on the riverbanks. Rafting can also be combined with fishing –  a growing activity in Bardia and highly recommended. 

Bird Watching 

Bardia National Park is home to 407 species of birds including many rare and endangered species. The Bengal florican, white-rumped vulture, peafowl and bar-headed geese are just some of the birds that can be seen in Bardia National Park. September to November and February to April are the best times for the bird watching.

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Overnight Jungle Camping

Jungle camping is becoming increasingly popular as it allows you to immerse yourself in the wilderness while enjoying the thrill of camping in the jungle. Most of the camping sites are by the beautiful Karnali River, and it’s quite common to spot wild animals crossing the water. As many of the animals only come out at night, the camp staff will wake you when they hear that an animal is nearby.  

When to Visit

The best season for visiting Bardia National Park is from mid-September through to mid-December, and from the beginning of February until the end of May. These are the best times to see the Royal Bengal Tiger and other wildlife. June to August is the monsoon season, however it is still possible to visit the Park during that time – the vegetation is much greener and there are fewer tourist.

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